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Project Description

With Multi-Monitor Viewer you can view the contents of any of your monitors inside a typical application window.

Working on a PC with multiple monitors, in an extended desktop, while in general it can be a very rewarding and interesting experience, it might end up being a nightmare when it happens that you cannot actually have physical eye contact with one or more of your monitors. The typical scenario of such a case is when you need some of your monitors to face your audience during a presentation. There is no easy way to view what your audience sees without moving yourself in a proper position in space in order to establish eye contact with the presentation monitor.

Multi-Monitor Viewer is a software that allows for viewing the contents of any of your monitors inside a typical application window, making browsing the contents of your monitors super easy.



  • Optionally fix the aspect ratio of the window during resize to match the aspect ratio of the underlying monitor.
  • Remember the window size, if closed and reopened.
  • Single application instance protection.



Alex Doumanoglou
Electrical & Computer Engineer,
Software Developer,
Research Assistant at ITI / CERTH (


Below sample screenshots of the application are posted:


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